Reverse trade mission DO Pla de Bages

DO Pla de Bages – Reverse Trade Mission

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the leading wineries of the DO Pla de Bages and extra virgin olive oil producers during our reverse trade mission at Cambra Manresa, taking place October 9-11, 2024.


Explore the captivating region of DO Pla de Bages, renowned for its exceptional wines and organic olive oil. Connect with a curated selection of 10 esteemed wineries and olive oil producers, and discover the passion and dedication behind their handcrafted products.


The DO Pla de Bages seal guarantees high quality, sustainable practices, and social responsibility: Wines of DO Pla de Bages: Experience the unique terroir of DO Pla de Bages, where grapes flourish under the warm Mediterranean sun and cool of Montserrat mountain breezes. Discover a diverse range of wines, from elegant whites and rosés to bold reds, all crafted with meticulous care and a commitment to sustainable practices.
Organic Olive Oil: Savor the exquisite flavors of organic olive oil from DO Pla de Bages, where olives are grown and pressed with utmost respect for the environment. Indulge in the delicate aromas and rich, buttery textures of these exceptional oils, perfect for enhancing any dish.
SCR Projects: Engage with wineries and olive oil producers committed to social responsibility, integrating individuals with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion into their production processes. Discover how these initiatives not only foster a more inclusive workplace but also contribute to the well-being of the community.
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Marc Rodriguez Donoso
+34 938 72 42 22 / +34 670 77 88 64
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